Credits:3.00 Expires:03 December, 2014

  • Overcoming Challenges In Research

    The Second Annual Junior Researchers’ Day is a day purely dedicated to research and is put together mainly by residents of the Aga Khan Univers ity Hospital Nairobi.   The theme for the 2nd Annual Junior Researc hers day is “Overcoming challenges in Research”. The organis ing committee  called for abstracts and the scientific committee  graded the abstracts and selecedt the oral and poster presentations. Abstrac ts are   drawn from the Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi and Dar es Salaam campuses), University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University. Young researchers will present their findings, and established researchers w ill share on their experiences and how they have overcome various challenges in research.  

    Credits:5.00 Expires:05 December, 2014

  • CA Colon, Ca oesophagus ,Hodgikin’s disease, Retroperitoneal desmoplastic small round cell tumour

    A  multidisciplinary group of physicians meeting  to r eview cancer cases.with the objective of improving  the quality of canc er care, provide educational opportunities for participants, and become an a sset to the hospital and to the community. The use of multidisciplinary tumo r-board consultations can ensure that the cancer patient has access to the b est current thinking about cancer management. This structure provides the in dividual practitioner and his hospital with the educational, quality assuran ce, and legal mechanisms to deliver state-of-the-art care. This week s cases: CA Colon Ca oesophagus Hodgikin’s dis ease Retroperitoneal desmoplastic small round cell tumour &n bsp;  

    Credits:3.00 Expires:01 December, 2014



    Credits:3.00 Expires:01 December, 2014

  • Continous Medical Education

    -Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a chronic digestive disease. G ERD occurs when stomach acid or, occasionally, stomach content, flows back i nto your food pipe

    Credits:3.00 Expires:28 November, 2014