• Preterm premature rupture of the membranes

    Overview, Diagnosis and Management of PPROM.

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  • North Rift Branch KDA CPD

    Periodontal medicine Periodontal disease is a risk factor to systemic di seases such as COPD, stroke, preterm births etc. Periodontal disease can lea d to spread of bacteria to the system causing an influence to the systemic d isorders. It is important to manage periodontal health to achieve overall he alth of an individual. Over-Denture; To extract or not to extract Pr esence of teeth ensures preservation of the alveolar ridge. Extraction of te eth causes continuous ridge resorption and loss of periodontal receptors. Re tention of root stumps and teeth will preserve alveolar bone and the periodo ntal receptors Surgical treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia; Case presenta tion TN is the most excruciating pain that affect the face caused by irri tation of the trigeminal nerve caused by various conditions. 150,000 people are diagnosed with TN. There are various triggers. Treatment modalities coul d be surgical or medications.

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  • The Science of Resuscitation


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