• Ectopic Pregnancy

    An overview of management of ectopic pregnancy

    Credits:3.00 Expires:17 October, 2016

  • Management of Hypertension

    An update on the current proposals on the managenet of Hypertension

    Credits:5.00 Expires:18 October, 2016

  • The pathway for esthetic excellence in an anterior tooth restoration

    Introduction; The continuous trials to mimic the natural tooth morphology is always advancing with new technology and techniques. The main objective is to achieve a natural long lasting restoration that is successful esthetic ally and functionally in the short and long term   Methods; The presentation will show up to date technology and techniques that will help the participants to understand the concept of polychromatic composite restor ations it is fundamental to have an accurate knowledge about materials and t echnique . The participant will be able to know when and how to use the polychromatic technique.   Results; the participants will be ab le to start using this technique in their daily practice according to the ca se selection   Conclusions: The esthetic characteristics of cur rent composite resins and the better understanding of the behavior of dental tissues allow the accomplishment of an imperceptible restoration  

    Credits:10.00 Expires:19 October, 2016

  • Eye Care Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Countries

    With a strong focus on the unique challenges and emerging opportunities f acing eye care, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa region, this year’s theme is: “Eye Care Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Countr ies.” 

    Credits:5.00 Expires:26 August, 2016