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Blepharitis 21-11-2016

Blepharitis 21-11-2016

Starting on :06:00 PM 21 November, 2016 Venue:AGA KHAN UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL
Ending on :07:00 PM 21 November, 2016 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Dr. Beatrice Nyaga
Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi


Blepharitis is one of the most common chronic lid margin disease encountered in primary care optometry. It is often the underlying reason for eye discomfort, redness and tearing. This presentation will review the definition and classification of the disease and the pathophysiology of the disease, before going on to describe the signs, symptoms, investigations, complications, differentials and management in primary care optometry. The presentation will end with some indcations of when to refer to secondary care.


  • To define blepharitis, and classify it anatomically and clinically..
  • To understand the physiopathology of the disease and its relationship to Dry Eye.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of the disease.
  • To consider specific investigations and causes of blepharitis.
  • Understand the complications and differentials of the lesion.
  • To review the management options for the disease and consider when to refer.

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