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Starting on :08:00 AM 24 October, 2014 Venue:Villa Rosa Kempinski
Ending on :04:30 PM 25 October, 2014 Max Credits:5.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Daisy Odundo
General Practioner
Kenya Medical Women's Association

2. Dr. Pamela Njuguna
Public Health Specialist, National Secretary KMWA
Kenya Medical Women's Association

3. Dr. Carol Odula
Specialist Ob/Gyn University Health Services Chairperson COVAW Assistant Treasurer KMWA Treasurer KMA Nairobi Division
Kenya Medical Women's Association

4. Dr. James Kisia
Deputy Secretary General and Director International Centre for Humanitarian Affairs Kenya RedCross Society
Kenya Redcross Society

5. Dr. Job Makoyo
Quality Assurance Manager at PS Kenya
PS kenya

6. Dr. Susan Musyoka
Member of Parliament and Member of the National Assembly Committee on Health

7. Dr. Jeska Wambani
Chief Medical Specialist ( Radiology), Kenyatta National Hospital, KMWA Trustee

8. Dr. Rispah Walumbe
Medical Officer Intern, Isiolo County Refferal Hospital

9. Dr. Moses Obimbo
Chief Operating Officer, Synergy Informatics Specialist
Synergy Informatics LTD

10. Dr. Andrew Were
Kenya Medical Association, Daktari Online
Kenya Medical Association, Daktari Online


KMWA 5th  Annual Scientific Symposium is a onde forum offering a scientific programme of informative session featuring stimulating speakers, oral and poster presentations and discussion.

The theme for the symposium is " Health Systems Strengthening" and presentations will be focused  around the following themes:

  1. Private Public Partnerships
  2. Role of ICT
  3. Group Practices as way of improving healthcare
  4. Challenges and oportunities in the devolved health system: This will incorporate 5 thematic areas:
  • Healthcare Workforce
  • Infrastructure and Capacity Building
  • Service delivery
  • Role Models in devolution
  • Community Health Services




The 5th Annual Scientific Symposium's main objective is for participants to understand engage  in informative sessions and discussions on the following:

  1. Private Public Partnerships
  2. Challenges in implementing health provisions in the Constitution
  3. Challenges , achievements and opportunities in the devolved Health System
  4. Group Practices as a way of improving healthcare
  5. Medical informatics terrain in Kenya
  6. Use of E-learning tools for Continous Professional Development in Kenya
  7. The role of ICT in improving Healthcare.



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