CPD Activities



Starting on :04:00 PM 29 July, 2020 Venue:Virtual- International Cancer Institute
Ending on :05:30 PM 10 July, 2020 Max Credits:10.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Zipporah Ali
Palliative Care Specialist

2. Dr. Kibet Keitany
Anatomic Pathologist

3. Dr. Verna Vanderpuye
Consultant Radiation Oncologist

4. Dr. Helena Musau
Clinical Oncologist

5. Dr. Abdu Adem Yesufe
Clinical Oncologist

6. Dr. Irene Weru
Oncology Pharmacist

7. Dr. Sitna Mwanzi
Medical Oncologist

8. Dr. Achille Manirakiza
Clinical Oncologist

9. Prof. Chite Asirwa
Consultant Physician, Medical Oncologist & Hematologist Executive Director/CEO: International Cancer Institute

10. Prof. Dinesh Pendharkar
Consultant Oncologist


Multidisciplinary management, standards of care, optimal diagnostics, therapies and future perspectives in the care of Prostate Cancer patients in sub-Saharan Africa


To understand the epidemiology of prostate cancer to understand the role of screening for prostate cancer, including he evidence for and against the use of prostate specific antigen(PSA) screening and the practical indications of serum PSA measurement in different clinical settings. Recognize the role of pathological diagnosis, histological grading, Gleason system,staging and prognostic factors in prostate cancer To understand the role of surgery in the management of localized prostate cancer. to understand the role of radiotherapy in the management of localized prostate cancer to understand the management options for hormone sensitive metastatic prostate cancer. To understand the definition of castration-resistant prostate cancer(CRPC) and appreciate the novel therapies, their use and side effects profile in m-CRPC Discuss treatment options for patients with advanced prostate cancer, including secondary hormonal therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and radioisotope therapy Understanding of how and when to use bone targeted therapies and of the prevention and treatment of osteonecrosis of the jaw To understand the role of multidisciplinary team in prostate cancer management. To understand the role of palliative, supportive and survivorship care in prostate cancer management. Ability to diagnose and manage spinal cord compression, one of the most devastating complications of metastatic prostate cancer To discuss clinical cases between faculty and participants.