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Diabetes & Pain

Diabetes & Pain

Starting on :02:00 PM 30 July, 2020 Venue:Niarobi
Ending on :04:00 PM 09 July, 2020 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Prof. A. Ceriello
Head of Diabetes Research Department,
IRCCS MultiMedica, Milan Italy

2. Prof. E. Standi
Professor, Endocrinologist, Honorary Doctor, FESC,
Munich Diabetes Research Group e.V. Helmholtz Center

3. Prof. G. Sesti
Full Professor of Internal Medicine Department of Clinical & Molecular Medicine
Saplenza University of Rome, Chief, Division of Internal Medicine University Hospital Sant' Andrea

4. Prof. A. Virdis
Internal Medicine
Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, University of Pisa

5. Prof. G. Varrassi
World Institute of Pain(WIP)


Diabetes & Pain


Diabetes & Pain