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Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease

Starting on :08:34 AM 06 November, 2014 Venue:Karatina Subcounty Hospital
Ending on :09:45 AM 06 November, 2014 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Dr. Francis Ndonye Muoka
Medical Officer Intern Medicine
Karatina Subcounty Hospital

2. Dr. Esther Njeri Sarah
Medical Officer intern Medicine
Karatina Subcounty Hospital

3. Dr. Naomi Mumo
Consultant physician
Karatina Subcounty Hospital


The internal medicine department discussed on the current terms of Chronic Kidney disease,pathology,aetiology,clinical presentation,complications and their management. The moderation and facilitation was by the Hospital Physician Dr Naomi Mumo


1. Definition of Chronic Kidney Disease(CKD).

2. Pathogenesis and pathology of CKD

3. Aetiology of CKD

4. Clinical presentation of CKD

5. Laboratory and radiological investigations of CKD

6. Complications of CKD

7. Management of complications of CKD

8. Important points to note in CKD

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