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CA Rectum, Neck carcinosarcoma, Osteogenic sarcoma, Malignant melanoma

CA Rectum, Neck carcinosarcoma, Osteogenic sarcoma, Malignant melanoma

Starting on :01:30 AM 15 December, 2014 Venue:Hcc Basement AKUHN
Ending on :02:30 AM 15 December, 2014 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Dr. Ahmed Komen
Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi.


A  multidisciplinary group of physicians meeting  to review cancer cases.with the objective of improving  the quality of cancer care, provide educational opportunities for participants, and become an asset to the hospital and to the community. The use of multidisciplinary tumor-board consultations can ensure that the cancer patient has access to the best current thinking about cancer management. This structure provides the individual practitioner and his hospital with the educational, quality assurance, and legal mechanisms to deliver state-of-the-art care.

This weeks cases:

CA Rectum

Neck carcinosarcoma

Osteogenic sarcoma

Malignant melanoma



  • To fully discuss the clinical history, clinical  findings of patients with cancer
  • To discuss the pathological, radiological investigations and findings thereof
  • To discuss the multidisciplinary management of patients with cancer entailing but not limited to surgical, medical oncological, radiation oncological, supportive, counseling, palliative care
  • To recommend the management modalities to the primary team
  • To regularly review the outcomes and outputs of the various cases
  • To teach doctors, nurses and others the different modalities of cancer screening, investigations and treatments


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