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Continous Medical Education

Continous Medical Education

Starting on :07:45 AM 27 February, 2015 Venue:The Karen Hospital-Resource Centre
Ending on :09:00 AM 27 February, 2015 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost:0


1. Dr. Obed Morara
Medical Intern
The Karen Hospital


EECP uses three sets of pneumatic cuffs that sequentially contract during diastole, increasing aortic diastolic pressure, augmenting coronary blood flow and central venous return. EECP improves anginal symptoms and exercise tolerance, and reduces nitroglycerin use in patients with chronic, stable angina.


- To know the Role of EECP in Congestive Heart Failure

-To Role of EECP in Hypertension

-To Role of EECP in Non-cardiac Conditions

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