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Local anaesthetics

Local anaesthetics

Starting on :07:00 PM 10 April, 2015 Venue:Best Western Hotel
Ending on :09:00 PM 10 April, 2015 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:Dr. Ober Jenipher Achieng' Activity Cost:500


1. Dr. J Wambugu
Periodontologist at Kenya Navy Hospital in Mtongwe, Mombasa


i) Define anaethesia
ii) Broadly classify anaesthetic agents
iii) Classify local anaesthetic agents
iv) Remember various methods of administration of local anaesthetics.


i) To introduce anaesthesia in general
ii) Classify anaesthetic agents
iii) To understand the chemical composition, mechanism of action, toxicities and adverse reactions of local anaesthetics
iv) To discuss various techniques in administration of local anaesthetics.


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