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Lifebox Workshop

Lifebox Workshop

Starting on :09:00 AM 20 June, 2015 Venue:Embu Level V hospital
Ending on :02:00 PM 20 June, 2015 Max Credits:10.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Madhusudan Patel
KSA Chairman
Mombasa Hospital

2. Dr. Jane Gwaro
KSA Secretary

3. Dr. Jimmie Kabugi
KSA Treasurer

4. Dr. Stephen Okelo
KSA executive committee member

5. Dr. Victoria Simiyu
KSA Member
Mombasa Hospital

6. Dr. Isaya Test


This training manual has been written by the Lifebox team as a guide for trainers who wish to introduce the Lifebox oximeter and safety checks to operating rooms where these are not currently in place. The manual has been written by members of
the Lifebox team based on experience gained from teaching both physician and nonphysician anaesthetists in many parts of the world.
This is a one-day course, based on the Lifebox Oximetry Manual and the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Implementation Manual.
The format of the course is interactive, based on teaching small groups of participants. There are prepared slides for a plenary lecture and two interactive workshops, a teaching video and guidance for small group discussions.
The manual includes a suggested outline of the day and a detailed set of instructions on how to run the various sessions. Each session describes the aims, any equipment needed, how to teach the session, and the learning objectives.
This is a work in progress, and the authors would be pleased to receive any feedback on how to improve this course, and thus achieve the aims of the Lifebox Foundation – saving lives through safer surgery.


A safe operation will save a life when nothing else can. But safe surgery is complicated, and everyone in the operating theatre has an important role to play.
Lifebox Foundation is a global health charity focused on making surgery safer. We provide essential equipment and training to help colleagues step into the operating theatre with the tools and knowledge they need to deliver safer care.

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