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Regional Anaesthesia workshop

Regional Anaesthesia workshop

Starting on :08:00 AM 19 August, 2015 Venue:Boma Inn
Ending on :04:00 PM 19 August, 2015 Max Credits:10.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. David Otieno
KSA Member

2. Dr. Lee Kigera
KSA Member

3. Dr. Jimmie Kabugi
KSA Treasurer

4. Dr. Kevin Arunga
KSA Member


This is a one-day intensive ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia workshop organized by KSA inconjuction with Sonosite and B Braun.

It is offered to anaesthesiologists who wish to learn the BASIC skills of ultrasound guided nerve blocks. 

Participants will have the opportunity to scan, become familiar with the ultrasound anatomy and practice on a live model, phantom and meat-model to develop knowledge of anatomy, ultrasonography and needle maneuvering.


At the end of this introductory course, participants would have acquired a thorough knowledge of the imaging and needling techniques for nerve blocks in the following regions of the body:

·         Supraclavicular

·         Femoral

·         Popliteal

·         Tranversus abdominis plane


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