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1st Global Conference On Patient Centered Care

1st Global Conference On Patient Centered Care

Starting on :09:00 AM 25 September, 2015 Venue:Kenyatta University Amphitheatre
Ending on :02:00 AM 02 October, 2015 Max Credits:40
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1. Dr. Matie Obazee
World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) Africa President

2. Dr. Susan B. Frampton
President, Planetree International. A not-for-profit advocacy and membership organization that works with a growing international network of healthcare provider organizations across the continuum of care to implement comprehensive patient-/person-centered models of care. Dr. Frampton, a medical anthropologist, has authored numerous publications, including the third edition of Putting Patients First (Jossey-Bass 2013), and a chapter in Providing Compassionate Health Care (Routledge 2014).

3. Dr. Bruce M. Dahlman
Dr. Dahlman is currently the Head of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Care, Kabarak University based in Nakuru, Kenya that has launched East Africa’s newest family medicine post-graduate programme at three, 300-bed church hospitals. During his over 20-years clinical service and medical education career in East Africa, he has assisted in the launch of the person-centered care specialty of Family Medicine in Kenya. His educational research expertise is in the application of Africa-relevant, point-of-care decision support tools (DigitalAfricanHealthLibrary.net) to allow front-line African primary care professionals to deliver more evidence-based and personalized care to their patients.

4. Prof. James Kiarie
Co-ordinator - Human Reproduction Team
World Health Organization (WHO)

5. Prof. Ronen Rozenblum
Health Services Researcher at Harvard Medical School
Havard University

6. Prof. Robert F. Woollard
Has extensive national and international experience in the fields of medical education, ecosystem health and sustainable development
University of British Columbia


Advances in diagnostic procedures, non-invasive interventions and pharmaceuticals have greatly improved the ability of health practitioners to diagnose, manage and treat numerous health conditions. These advances with the advent hospital centrism, fragmentation and commercialization of health care have not had a commensurate patients’ care satisfaction. Globally about half of all patients seeking care today are dissatisfied with current health care.” The need for Patient-Centeredness has become an important international issue.

Patient Centered Care can be described as Health Care that establishes a partnership among practitioners, Patients and their Families (when appropriate) to ensure that decisions respect patients wants, needs and preferences and that patients have the Education, and Support they need to make decisions and participate in their Care.

This 1st Kenyatta University Global Conference on “Patient – Centered Care” meeting invites all stakeholders in health to a forum to deliberate on the steps necessary to realign both in training and health provision the care that is in keeping with people`s needs preferences and expectations.                         



Conference Goal: Realigning Health Care To People’s Needs

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