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Smart Ceramics for Dental Applications

Smart Ceramics for Dental Applications

Starting on :09:00 AM 09 October, 2015 Venue:Moi University School of Dentistry, PDN Hall 1
Ending on :10:00 AM 09 October, 2015 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:Dr. OKUMU BERNARD SANYA Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Prof. Moustafa Aboushelib N
Professor, Dental Biomaterials and tissue engineering
Dental Biomaterials Dept, Faculty of Dentistry, Champolion st, Azarita, Alexandria, Egypt




All-ceramic restorations are gaining lots of attention in the last years. Material sciences with advanced engineering are pushing the limits of all-ceramic restorations. Smart ceramics as zirconia and hybrid ceramics are designed to provide superior properties which were not possible few years ago. This lecture sheds light on smart ceramics, their internal structure, and expected performance in the field of all-ceramic restoration and implant dentistry.



1.  Highlights on Recent smart ceramics restorations

2.  Understanding the internal structure of smart ceramics

3. Expectation of all ceramics in restorative and implant dentistry

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