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Effects Of Herbal Medicine In Healthcare

Effects Of Herbal Medicine In Healthcare

Starting on :07:30 PM 29 October, 2015 Venue:St.Marys Mission Hospital
Ending on :09:00 PM 29 October, 2015 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Mr. George Ohito
Clinician at St.Marys Mission Hospital,Nairobi


An in depth discussion on the increased use by the public of herbal medications and their effects on patient management. The discussion is with an emphasis on the need to take an in depth clinical history with intentional asking on whether the patients are using any herbal medications concurrently with the hospital prescribed drugs.


Sensitize clinicians on the need to inform patients on the risks of use of herbal medications with their role in drug interactions and the unexpected clinical outcomes when used with medically prescribed medications

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