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Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics

Starting on :07:30 AM 28 October, 2015 Venue:Rose Mystica Retreat Centre
Ending on :05:30 PM 29 October, 2015 Max Credits:10.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Mrs Shillah Kagali
Unit Manager
M. P. Shah Hosp

2. Dr. Wangeci Mbuthia
Obs/Gynae Consultant

3. Dr. Peter Masaba
Obs/Gynae Consultant
North Kinangop Mission Hosp

4. Dr. Christine Murungi - Kiama
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Aga Khan University Hospital

5. Dr. Wangeci Mbuthia
Obs/Gynae Consultant

6. Dr. Sammy Ngichabe
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Mbagathi County Hospital

7. Dr. Philomena Owende
Kenyatta National Hospital

8. Dr. Charles Muriuki
Obs/gynae Consultant
AIC Kijabe Hospital

9. Dr. Martha Kuruga
The Karen Hospital

10. Dr. Maureen Owiti
Kenyatta National Hospital

11. Dr. Jean Kagia
Obs/Gynae Consultant
The Nairobi Hospital

12. Dr. Cecilia Wamanda
The Nairobi Hospital

13. Dr. Walter Konya
St. Mary's Hospital - Nairobi

14. Dr. Chege Mwangi
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Naivasha County Hosp.

15. Dr. Bonface Musila
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Mama Lucy Kibaki Subcounty Hosp.

16. Dr. Sammy Ngichabe
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Nairobu Women's Hosp.


Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) is a practical evidence based two-day interactive program designed to equip health professionals with skills and knowledge required in handling obstetric emergencies.  We have a two-day Provider Course for all physicians, midwives and registered nurses and other clinicians.  The program utilizes the widely acclaimed humanistic training approach to enhance knowledge and skills acquisition when attending to a patient. The use of case studies, mnemonics and mannequins during practical sessions and hence the uniqueness of the course. 

 The ALSO Instructor Course is a two-day course that focuses on specific teaching skills required for adult principals. The course lends itself well to a teach-the-teacher model, whereby students are trained to become future instructors.   Some of the key areas covered include:-


*        First Trimester Complications            *         Medical Complications of Pregnancy
*        Vaginal Bleeding in Late Pregnancy    *        Intrapartum Fetal Surveillance

*        Labour Dystocia                                *         Malpresentations
*        Shoulder Dystocia                               *        Post-partum Haemorrhage

*        Forceps & Vacuum delivery                *        Neonatal Resuscitation
*        Repair of Perineal Laceration               *        Maternal Resuscitation

*        Pre-term Labour & Premature 

          Rapture of Membranes


The use humanistic training approach, i.e. the mnemonics and mannequins to enhance competency of participants and maternity care givers in selected critical areas of obstetrics and gynecological skills. This is achieved by itemizing the tasks to be performed and the sequence in which they follow.

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