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KDA Northrift CPD Seminar

KDA Northrift CPD Seminar

Starting on :08:00 AM 09 April, 2016 Venue:Noble Hotel
Ending on :02:00 PM 09 April, 2016 Max Credits:12
Moderator:Dr. Ober Jenipher Achieng' Activity Cost:1000


1. Dr. Micha Cyrus
Moi University

2. Dr. Geoffrey Wakuloba
Moi University

3. Dr. Hudson Alumera
BDS, MDS(Periodontology) Lecturer, University of Nairobi

4. Prof. Maged Lofy
Moi University


This will be a series of four different lectures

1. Orofacial infections

2. Use of two DCP miniplates in treatment of isolated MAF using trocar instrumentation

3. Medical emergencies in the dental office

4.Current diagnosis and management of periodontitis in general practice


1. Topic: Orofacial Infections


  • Define the different types of orofacial infections
  • Enumerate the signs and symptoms of common orofacial infections

Brief Description: This is a lecture that will cover the types of orofacial infections, signs and symptoms, clinical presentations and management of common orofacial infections. The sequelea and complications will also be covered.


2. Topic: Use of two DCP miniplates in treatment of isolated MAF using trocar instrumentation



  • Appreciate use of miniplates in treatment of mandibular fractures
  • Appraise ORIF and closed reduction

Brief Description: At the end of the presentation members will know the use of miniplates in treatment of mandibular angle fractures. The advantages and disadvantages compared to the old methods of closed reduction and use of large compression plates will be discussed. Miniplate osteosynthesis will be presented as the preferred plating system for mandibular fractures for now and the future



3. Topic: Preparing for medical emergencies in dental office



  • Develop the steps to properly access a medical emergency.
  • Learn the right tools for a medical emergency.
  • Learn the commonly encountered medical emergencies.
  • Learn the procedures associated with occurrence of medical emergencies

Brief Description: This presentation will describe the commonly encountered medical emergencies, the procedures associated with the occurrence of medical emergencies, and the timing of the occurrences. It will stress the right tools (products and equipment), the right training and practice to deal with everyday medical emergencies. Statis­tics tell us that medical emergencies are 5.8 times more likely to occur in dental offices than in medical offices. This should not come as a surprise, given the number of patients dentists treat who have significant medi­cal conditions that are not under good control, with invasive procedures complicated by a stressful environment where drugs are administered.


4. Topic: Current diagnosis and management of periodontitis in general practice


Objective: This lecture aims to provide an update on diagnostic techniques for various forms of periodontitis as well as management of these diseases with a specific focus on general dental practise. It’s hoped that the cases demonstrated as well as the shared literature will enable participants to view diagnosis and management of periodontitis as being patient centric and one that can provide a fulfilling practise.


Brief Description: The various forms of periodontitis are a common presentation in general practise. Whereas the principles of management have remained largely unchanged over the past two decades, diagnosis has undergone a major shift. Individualisation of therapy to specific patients is now understood to improve treatment outcome. Management of disease including the surgical techniques are continuously updated. The general practitioner provides the bulk of therapy in our country thus keeping up with current diagnostic and management trends is of utmost importance



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