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Advanced Life Support In Obstetrics

Advanced Life Support In Obstetrics

Starting on :07:30 AM 02 March, 2016 Venue:Rosa Mystica Retreat Centre
Ending on :06:00 AM 02 March, 2016 Max Credits:20
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1. Dr. Sammy Kulova
Obs/Gynae Consultant
Mbagathi County Hospital

2. Dr. Chege Mwangi
Naivasha County Hosp.


Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) is a practical evidence based two-day interactive program designed to equip health professionals with skills and knowledge required in handling obstetric emergencies.  We have a two-day Provider Course for all physicians, midwives and registered nurses and other clinicians.  The program utilizes the widely acclaimed humanistic training approach to enhance knowledge and skills acquisition when attending to a patient. The use of case studies, mnemonics and mannequins during practical sessions and hence the uniqueness of the course.  

Objectives          To discuss methods of managing pregnancy and birth emergencies which may help standardize the

                      skills of practicing maternity care providers.          Demonstrate content and skills acquisition needed to effectively manage the emergencies

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