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Starting on :07:30 AM 01 September, 2016 Venue:The Karen Hospital Resource centre 3rd floor
Ending on :09:00 AM 01 September, 2016 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost:0


1. Dr. Kirtida Acharya
Consultant Endocrinologist and Diabetologist
Kenya Diabetic Association


The maintenance of normal glucose homeostasis requires a complex, highly integrated interaction among the liver, muscle, adipocytes, pancreas and neuroendocrine system. Recent studies have showed that the kidneys also play a central role in glucose homeostasis by reabsorbing all the filtered glucose, an adaptive mechanism that ensures sufficient energy is available during fasting periods.


-To discribe Kidney

-To know the implication of Kidney in glucose Haemostasis

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