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Surgical Presentation On Bladder Calculi

Surgical Presentation On Bladder Calculi

Starting on :08:00 AM 29 August, 2016 Venue:East Africa Regional Reserch Lab
Ending on :09:00 AM 19 July, 2016 Max Credits:5.00
Moderator:Dr. EMMANUEL SIMIYU WANJALA Simiyu Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Moses Okumu
Medical Officer (Surgery)

2. Dr. Merab Odongo
Medical Officer Intern


An early morning conference on Bladder Calculi (Urolithiasis) presented by the hospital (KCRH) surgical team.


  • Definition of Urolithiasis
  • Epidemiology within the hospital, community and country wide
  • Risk factors of the condition
  • Clinical Presentation and Diagnosis of Urolithiasis
  • Management of the condition
  • Prevention of Urolithiasis

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