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How to reach Excellence for your daily Endodontics: XP Endoshaper

How to reach Excellence for your daily Endodontics: XP Endoshaper

Starting on :11:00 AM 17 October, 2016 Venue:Pride Inn - Shanzu
Ending on :02:00 PM 21 October, 2016 Max Credits:10.00
Moderator:Dr. ALUMERA HUDSON Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Prajakta Mahindre
BDS (India), MDS Endodontics (Hong Kong), AdvDipDSEndodontics (Hong Kong)


The outcome of endodontic treatment depends on the health of the periodontium and also the long term survivability of the tooth. Maximal success for both these objectives can be achieved by thorough disinfection of the root canal without any unnecessary removal of dentin and followed by sealing of the root canal and the coronal space.  

The internal anatomy of human teeth is highly complicated  and consists of a network of curved, anastomotic canals, as seen in studies of the root canal anatomy. Navigating efficiently, safely and predictably through this network has been a subject of research over the years. 

For the past few years, great emphasis has been placed on the minimum instrumentation requirements in order to achieve effective disinfection, especially when it comes to highly curved or anastomotic canal systems.  



Attendees will be able to analyse Root canal anatomies and choose dedicated tools to reach the apex. This will imply to master the use of diameters and tapers with their Niti files.

Finally, attendees will discover the most modern techniques to easily disinfect and seal root canals in order to ensure a long term clinical success.

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