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Endodontics complete

Endodontics complete

Starting on :06:00 PM 08 November, 2016 Venue:Harley's auditorium
Ending on :08:00 PM 09 November, 2016 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:Dr. ALUMERA HUDSON Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Prof. Renato Leonardo de Toledo
Specialist endodontist, Masters of Endodontics, PhD in Pathology
University of Texas


Technological Resources Applied to Biological Endodontics will cover pulp and periapical inflammatory  alterations in relation to etiology ,prevention ,diagnosis and endodontic treatment, offering an in-depth look into histologic , pathologic,and microbiological aspects of the root canal treatment. The course (theoretical and work-shop with lab) will educate on strategies to reach clinical, radiographic, histopathological and legal success in endodontics. Also, will allow the discovering of new approaches in diagnosis, imaging (cone beam computed tomography), magnification, apex locators, and ultrasonic cleaning and shaping,mechanized instrumentation,laser,temporary dressings,bonding techniques to fill the canal and successful follow-up.



Identify dentition and periodontal tissues alterations in relation to endodontics; Gaining knowledge and understanding regarding biological concepts and technological resources; Address new approaches to techniques and guidelines with relation to irrigation protocol, instrumentation ,temporary dressings and root canal filling.



-Teeth and Periodontal Tissues

-Endodontic Microbiota

-Vital and Non-Vital Pulp Concept (Apical Biofilm)

-Strategies to reach clinical, radiographic, histopathological and juridical success

-New approaches in diagnosis, imaging(cone beam computed tomography CBCT), magnification, apex locators(Find Ultradent), laser(Gemini Ultradent),ultrasonic activation (Ultrawave xs Ultradent) and irrigant solutions ,hand, oscillatory, reciprocate and rotary root canal preparation(Genius System)

-Removal of Fracture Files

-Irrigation Protocol (Tools and Solutions)

-Temporary Dressings in Endodontics  (Why, Where and When)

-Does the acknowledge of Biology matter?  

-Bonding Obturation Systems

-Root Canal Filling Material (Biological , Physic-Chemical Properties and Application)


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