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Population/Public Health Improvement

Population/Public Health Improvement

Starting on :08:00 AM 10 January, 2017 Venue:Nairobi
Ending on :08:00 AM 07 May, 2017 Max Credits:10
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost:40000


1. Mr. Mark Tozzio
Health Care Administrator/ Adjunct Lecturer

2. Mr. Fredrick Kimemia
PhD in HSM (continuing) Health Systems specialist


This course explores in details the process of emphasizing primary and preventive care to improve health status of the population and manage a growing cost of health care. It aims at enhancing the individual and cohorts health status and wellbeing rather that on acute health system. This course will combine the benefits of public helath and medical interventions with preventive care and socio-economic interventions.


Define PHI and its implications on improving health status

Understand core concepts of PHI

Understand lifestyle demand

Understand Chronic diseases and catastrophic management strategies of PHI

Apply PHI strategies to health situation

Intergrate strategic planning and HR needs for public heath

Evaluate critical role of HMIS in PHI

Prepare a term project of a PHI intiatives

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