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Rationale drug/medication use

Rationale drug/medication use

Starting on :07:28 PM 02 March, 2017 Venue:St.Marys Mission Hospital
Ending on :10:00 PM 02 March, 2017 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Mr. Kimani Kihika
Pharmacy Department SMMH

2. Dr. Frank Mbaye
CME Coordinator SMMH,Nairobi


A discussion on rationale drug use with reference to evidence based indications in managing good clinical outcomes


Demistify the notion of - strong painkillers or antibiotics as perceived by the patients which may be based on the cost the patient incurs on procuring the medication and multi-drugs in the prescription as a definite cure for the treatment as more effective. The aim of this discussion is to sensitize and advise clinicians on the need to update their clinical practice based on management of adequate clinical history,examination and the role of laboratory requests and imaging

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