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To Extract or Not; Is it a Dentist’s Dilemma?

To Extract or Not; Is it a Dentist’s Dilemma?

Starting on :02:00 PM 01 April, 2017 Venue:Eldoret
Ending on :03:00 PM 01 April, 2017 Max Credits:3.00
Moderator:Dr. ALUMERA HUDSON Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Caroline Kibosia Chelimo
Master of Dental Surgery in Pediatric Dentistry (University of Nairobi, 2006) Certificate in Environmental Impact Assessment (University of Eldoret, 2011) Master of Public Health (University of Nairobi, 1994) Bachelor of Dental Surgery (University of Nairobi, 1984)
Moi university


Clinical reasoning and decision making about whether or not to extract a tooth can be as straightforward or as challenging as the case is perceived. Often the decisions must be made expeditiously. However these clinical choices, in practice, may not always be to the advantage of the patient.

This presentation is an interactive exchange of clinical cases ranging from those where decisions are clear to those more challenging. It aims to provide thought provoking and evidence based options when faced with the predicament of whether to remove a tooth or not, in general dental practice

The presentation will cover both the deciduous and permanent dentition without delving into complex extraction modalities in orthodontics and surgery.

An overview of the indications, outcomes, complications and consequences of dental extractions is covered.

The presentation is intended to stimulate the intellect of the dental practitioners into putting more effort into analysis and evaluation of factors and considerations of the impact of tooth extraction before actually proceeding with the action.


  • To review indications and contraindications for dental extractions
  • Evaluate factors to consider when making a decision whether to extract a tooth or not
      • Deciduous teeth
      • Permanent teeth
  • Differentiate between serial, timely and Wilkinson’s extractions
  • To anticipate and prepare for outcomes, complications and consequences of extractions for both the care provider and patient. 

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