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Management of polycystic ovarian syndrome

Management of polycystic ovarian syndrome

Starting on :08:00 PM 22 June, 2017 Venue:St.Marys mission hospital
Ending on :09:00 PM 22 June, 2017 Max Credits:3.00
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1. Mr. Fred Nasio
Clinician SMMH,Nairobi

2. Dr. Geoffrey Marika Ongenge
Medical Officer Obs/Gyn department

3. Dr. Walter Konya Peter
Consultant Obs/Gyn Department SMMH Nairobi

4. Dr. Frank Endere Kibet
Consultant SMMH,Nairobi


Presentation,clinical and physical diagnosis of pocs. The importance of a good detailed clinical history in the diagnosis and management 


Sensitize clinicians on the management of pics from a detailed clinical  history,physical examination  and laboratory investigations in the management. The importance of the psychosocial aspect will be discussed. The role of hormonal therapy in managing of ovulation cycle,role of clomiphene citrate will be discussed with metformin in selected cases. The use of letrozole in management and improvement of ovulation rate

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