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Emergency Medicine Symposium

Emergency Medicine Symposium

Starting on :08:30 AM 27 July, 2017 Venue:Safari Park Hotel
Ending on :05:30 AM 30 June, 2017 Max Credits:5.00
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


• Helping identify evidence-based ways to save lives in medical emergencies in Kenya (and other resource-limited settings) • Promoting resource appropriate clinical innovations that improve efficacy and contribute to economic benefits in delivering emergency health care in Kenya • Improving patient experience and outcome across emergency care systems in Kenya (and other resource-limited settings)


• Developing practical research, education and promotion that raises public awareness of Emergency Medicine and fosters advancements in emergency care in Kenya (and other resource-limited settings) • Supporting local and international researchers identify and undertake appropriate and relevant emergency care research in Kenya

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