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World Thrombosis Day

World Thrombosis Day

Starting on :08:00 AM 12 October, 2017 Venue:
Ending on :04:00 AM 13 October, 2017 Max Credits:5.00
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1. Dr. Mohamed Jeilan
Interventional cardiologist
Aga Khan University Hospital

2. Dr. Otieno Harun
Interventional Cardiologist
Aga Khan University Hospital


This meeting is part of the focus of world thrombosis day 2017 and our focus as KSTH is to further spotlight thromboembolic disease to the general public, helthcare professionals and the government as there is significant need to impact unneccessary death and morbididty.


A. Provide a platform for exchange of guideline and evidence based care, as well as educate practitioners about contemporary approaches to thrombosis management. B. Provide a networking opportunity for all healthcare practitioners involved in thrombosis and bleeding disorders C. Register new members for the society and build a professional community to promote best practice in the care of patients with thrombotic or hemostatic disorders.

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