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2nd WGO-NGTC/GSK Nairobi Gastro International Conference 2018

2nd WGO-NGTC/GSK Nairobi Gastro International Conference 2018

Starting on :07:30 AM 10 August, 2018 Venue:Radisson Blu Hotel
Ending on :04:45 PM 11 August, 2018 Max Credits:10
Moderator:No Activity Moderator Activity Cost: Free Order


1. Dr. Betty Musau
Head of Endoscopy, Nairobi Hospital


PROGRAMME OVERVIEW: Day 08-08-2018: Hands on training Hands on training will be conducted in 3 groups by invited international experts: Covering basic & therapeutic upper git procedures; Introduction to basic Endoscopic Ultrasound to beginners; ERCP both basic & interventional Day 09-08 & 10-08-2018: Live demonstrations Live demonstrations will be performed by international experts at the Kenyatta National Hospital & transmitted live to Radisson BLU Hotel Nairobi: Our goal will be to show how to manage common clinical cases seen in Africa. There will also be some latest high calibre procedures demonstrated concerning pancreato biliary & luminal diseases Live demonstrations will cover: ERCP, Basic & interventional EUS, Diagnostic & Therapeutic upper & lower git diseases, Complications relating to liver diseases Day 09-08, 10-08 & 11-08-2018: Didactic Lectures.


Three sets of hands on training: 1) ERCP: 2) EUS: 3) Upper GIT endoscopy.

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