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Individual Prophylaxis Is a Key Factor in Oral and Systemic Health

Individual Prophylaxis Is a Key Factor in Oral and Systemic Health

Starting on :07:00 AM 23 June, 2022 Venue:Online
Ending on :09:00 AM 22 June, 2022 Max Credits:3.00
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Professor in Public Health, Periodontist with a focus in research on oral microbiota, chronic diseases and periodontology


Our lecture provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the issues related to interdental biofilm and how to address them. Goal is to modify behaviors in terms of oral hygiene, whether it concerns the teaching of brushing techniques and the use of interdental brushes. And this, on scientific and technical grounds that justify the academic validation of the transfer of knowledge. It consisted also to promote efficient scoring and management of biofilm health consequences in dental clinical practice. Practitioners were also sensitized regarding the content and the way to deliver the prevention messages to their patient


Identify location of active ingredients of periodontal microbiote that could impact gingival inflammation • Understand the relationship between desorganisation of biofilm and individual prophylaxis • Know the level of evidence that may justify the use of interdental brushes in young adults • Appreciate clinical procedures to reduce the risk of gingivitis, periodontitis, interproximal caries and peri-implantitis • Contribute to deliver adequate messages to patients in order to increase efficiency and observance of oral hygiene