Support : Article- Six steps to get started with the CPD system.

Six steps to get started with the CPD system.


Below are the six steps you need to follow to get started on the iCMS system:


1. Visit the iCMS website :


2. Create a CPD account if it is your first time.

 Click to Create a new account


3. Go to your email inbox and activate your CPD account from a confirmation email which has been sent to you.


4. Log into the iCMS system, update your personal PROFILE and upload scanned copies of  your registration documents e.g National ID, degree certificate or registration cerficate. 


These documents are required to verify and approve your CPD account. 


 Wait for the board to verify and approve your CPD account. Verification of your account will be finished within 2 -3 working days.


 You will receive an email indicating that your CPD account has been verified and approved for use by the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board.


5. Log into your CPD account. Go to MY CPD Portfolio and subscribe to CPD providers of your choice.


Over 50 plus CPD providers are going to organise various online or offline CPD activities. You may choose providers which are relevant to you.


Examples of providers include: Kenya Association of Physicians, Kenya Orthopedics Associations and a majority of Internship centers and Teaching Hospitals.


Providers will be happy to accept your subscription to participate in the CPD activities which they organise.


Note: All subscriptions are free and you can subcribe to as many providers as you wish.


6. Participate in either online or offline CPD activities and claim points.

Click to see ways of claiming CPD points.


There are several methods of claiming CPD points. 


Note: The iCMS  App has been developed for android smartphones and  is  available on Google Play for free. 

Click to download



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